Seamus Maye is highly respected for his work in the area of competition economics, competition law, company law, banking and white collar crime. He works tirelessly in the area of political reform and is an outspoken critic of corrupt practices and legal corruption. He blames Legal Corruption in large part, for Ireland’s banking collapse and for the disparity in market power between SME’s / Farmers and large corporations. He runs his own consultancy business specialising in these areas and is the founder of International Small Business Alliance.

Below are the first 2 videos in a new serious called ‘The Seamus Maye Files’. In these initial videos Seamus addresses the failings of Enda Kenny’s Government and outlines whey he won’t be voting for Fine Gael in General Election 2016.

After Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s declaration that there are some All-Ireland champion whingers in his hometown of Castlebar, The Seamus Maye Files shed some light on “The Recovery” and asks whether or not the people of Castlebar have a good reason to “Whinge”.

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