A Grass-Root Initiative

The Irish Media Alliance is a grassroots initiative aiming to provide a fresh approach to media production and journalism in Ireland. What makes us unique is that we are an alliance of like-minded people with contrasting but complimentary skill sets, working together to achieve common goals.

Our Commentators are respected proficient researchers dealing only in matters of fact, ethics and subject suitability. In order to empower the public with the relevance of the Commentators research, creative input from multi-media and PR professionals is essential. If you’ve got skills and like what we’re doing, please join our team. If accepted, you are under no obligations to do anything.  You are simply stating that you like what we stand for and that you are open to the possibility of contributing some of your time/resources to a suitable project if/when your schedule permits.

Members of the Irish Media Alliance’s ‘Media Hub’ will be given access to private online meeting rooms. These virtual rooms (provided by free open-source learning management system ‘Moodle’) will allow ‘Media Hub’ members to browse and discuss potential public awareness projects.

Are you a… videographer, graphic designer, writer, director, editor, presenter, reporter, voice-over artist, graphics animator, web designer, software developer, marketing guru, SEO specialist, or anything else that could be beneficial in helping to spread a message???

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Have you something to offer this new movement. Do you want to become a full member and take part in this extraordinary quest against Corruption, Greed and In-equality in Irish Society. Please feel free to let us know your skills, experience and motivation. We need people like you to make this happen

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