Frank McBrearty Jnr became known nationally as a result of the Morris Tribunal’s ruling that police had tried to frame him for the 1996 murder of Richie Barron. McBrearty pursued the Irish state in a long-running legal battle and was successful in restoring his good name. Below is an interview we recorded with Frank a few months ago. Here is a list of the questions put to him:

1 : What happened you in 1996?
2 : Did the Garda frame you?
3 : Was there a public inquiry?
4 : Were you happy with how it was carried out?
5 : Were you happy with the findings?
6 : What were the recommendations?
7 : Has the formation of GSOC addressed the concerns highlighted in the Tribunal?
8 : How could GSOC be more effective?
9 : Are the public, in general, unaware of the corruption in Ireland?
10 : Have you faith that our elected representatives can tackle the problem of corruption?
11 : So if politicians wont highlight the problem, what options are left for people?
12 : Do we need more whistle-blowers to come forward?
13 : What’s the best way to tackle the issue of corruption in Ireland?
14 : What is you opinion on anti-corruption groups such as ‘Integrity Ireland’?
15 : What are your thoughts on the approach ‘Integrity Ireland’ has taken, that of lodging criminal complaints against rogue authority figures?
16 : What are your thoughts on the Irish media?
17 : Where have all your interviews disappeared?
18 : What are your opinions on the Judiciary?
19 : Will you run in the next general election?

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