UPDATE: The Doctor at the centre of this story has threatened legal action on Irish Media Alliance. We are currently in talks with her solicitors firm ‘Matheson’ in the hope of reaching a resolution. We expect to be in a position to re-publish the film after Christmas.

On the 9th of November 2009, Mary Fergus, a thirty five year old mother expecting her second child, died having contracted H1N1, commonly known as Swine Flu. Mary died at home alone having contacted her GP the day before and despite a World Health Organisation Level 5 pandemic alert nine months before Mary’s death.


Mary’s father, Jim, has been campaigning for justice for his daughter Mary. He believes her death has been largely ignored and he fears more people will die if there isn’t an independent and full investigation into Mary’s death.

This short film is Jim and Mary’s story. We ask that you the viewer share this short film with your friends and family, your G.P. and politicians. We hope that by sharing we are creating greater awareness around H1N1 and appropriate medical responses to reports of flu-like symptoms amongst high risk groups.

We would like to thank Jim and his family for their contribution, bravery and resolve in making this film and hope it can bring you all somewhat closer to closure though we understand your loss will never be replaced.

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