Discussions will take place around each of the topics listed on the left. It is becoming increasingly obviously that we are facing many problems within these areas.

Discussions will develop over time to investigate, document and analyze the main issues that negatively affect society, and the vested interest groups & individuals that maintain and profit from inequities of the current system.

Whereas Irish Media Alliance Commentator’s are free to post regular (audio/video/written) articles on their individual archive pages, covering whatever issues they feel are most relevant at that time, the Discussions are specifically aimed at identifying the fundamental flaws within the current systems and investigating alternative solutions towards achieving a sustainable, ethical and just society.

To ensure that Discussions are indeed addressing the most prevalent issues and that the information being presented is completely accurate, Commentators will have access to online private meeting rooms. These virtual rooms (provided by free open-source learning management system ‘Moodle’) will facilitate Commentators in debating issues and reaching consensus, sharing information, critique and cross-referencing each other’s work and planning future research projects.

If you have carried out research in a specific area and would like to become a Commentator, or if you have access to information that you believe should be in the public domain, please contact us below.

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Have you completed some Research and would like to become a member of Irish Media Alliance. Please click below and fill in your research, skills set and experience. Our team will get back to you as soon as we can. It’s hugely important that people get on board this project and take part in real change for Ireland and it’s future

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Have you information that you fell should be in the public domain. Let us know with full confidentiality. We will not disclose your identity nor lead other entities your direction. We believe whistle blower deserve full confidentiality and security in these trying times.We rely on information from honest people

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