The Irish Media Alliance is a grassroots initiative aiming to provide a fresh approach to media production and journalism in Ireland.

We believe that the number one objective of the media should be to act as a watchdog for the people, protecting public interests from state / corporate criminality.

Unfortunately in this flawed financial system of ever increasing debt and a rapidly depleting money supply, everyone is scrambling to survive, including mainstream corporate media organisations. The name of the game is profit! This of course could give rise to a possible conflict of interest, where media outlets are swayed editorially in furtherance of a corporate agenda and at the expense of the public.

We plan to provide an uncompromised alternative. The Irish Media Alliance is an alliance of Researchers (Commentators) and Multimedia & PR Professionals (Media Hub), collaborating on a voluntary basis to produce professional informative content.


(i) Investigate the fundamental flaws and vested interests within current control systems.

An ongoing investigation, documenting and analyzing the main issues that negatively affects society, as well as the vested interests (groups & individuals) that maintains and profits from inequities of the current system.

(ii) Highlight and promote solutions and alternative ideas that can help empower individuals and communities.

(iii) Provide commentary on current affairs.

Although contributions from researchers must be rigorously grounded, our editing process only considers matters of ethics, fact and subject suitability; at no time shall submissions be refused on the grounds of financial or special interests. This makes Irish Media Alliance a unique resource for contributors who may feel that their work has been unfairly ignored in the past due to conflicting interests.


Our vision is of a sustainable, just and peaceful future based on commonly shared values such as responsibility, compassion, respect and care for the environment.

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