ecbWhen taking out a loan, the banks only provide the principal, never the interest. What’s the problem with that? Well, let’s say you want to buy a house. You go to the bank and get a loan, say €200k. The simple truth is, after thirty years you will have paid back €500k – €200k for the principal and €300k in interest. So after thirty years, €500k has been repaid, but yet only €200k was created initially. How can €500k be repaid by €200k? 
It can’t. Somebody else needs to get into debt to create sufficient liquidity to pay the €300k interest. The borrower of the original loan must start competing for this liquidity with everybody else in society to obtain that intrinsically scarce cash. It’s like ‘financial musical chairs’, where the last one(s) standing, ends up standing on the side of the road, homeless.


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